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Articles - December 27, 2018

Best Oculus Go Games

Games You Should Play on Oculus Go

When I first bought my Oculus Go, I fell in love with the headset almost instantly. There was something about the freedom of being untethered that really made me think, “Wow, this is where VR is really advancing”. After setting up and going through the tutorials I opened the Oculus Store and began exploring. What I found was an overwhelming amount of content in comparison to other standalone VR headsets and I began downloading them.

Since then I’m pretty sure that I’ve bought nearly every available Oculus Go game in the store and hid away never to be seen again by my friends and family ( just kidding – I show up for holidays ).

I’ve compiled a list here of what I found to be the best Oculus Go games that I have played and encourage you to play too. I hope you like it and if you have a favorite Oculus Go game make sure to post in the comments. The list is not in any particular order, but I do recommend them all.


Anshar Online

Anshar Online is an online multiplayer space shooter game at its core. The game looks incredibly polished and is very easy to get started playing. You use your head for most movement which for many other games is pretty rough, but Anshar feels more natural with this type of control. There is something I just love about flying through space and blasting enemies away. It reminds me of the old Tie Fighter games I played as a kid.


Toy Clash

Toy Clash is a single player tower offense game where you attack to defend the main enemy tank using toys that you’ve built. The game is an addictively fun game and a unique spin on traditional tower defense games. There is a ton of action in the game where you will constantly be switching between building toys, dropping them on enemies, and using special powers to stave off the advancing enemy troops. The aesthetic is very cute and you play as a kid would using his toys to play army. I absolutely love this game and have put very many hours of my Oculus Go time into it.



Thumper is a beat-driven speed run and attack game. You play as a space beetle, set in the underworld where you use a series of beat-driven movements to power up an attack against very creepy gigantic enemies. The scale, audio, and polished look of the game make it an instant classic. I found it quite challenging and have also sunk many hours into it.


S.W.A.T. Academy

S.W.A.T. Academy holds a special place in my heart and plays a lot like the classic Police Trainer arcade game. There are no real enemies in the game but you shoot a series of targets in various settings that get increasingly difficult. I love doing speed challenges and playing with the different weapons that you earn. If you love the classic arcade shooters you will absolutely love SWAT Academy.



Ultrawings is another game that gave me quite the nostalgia bomb. When I got my Nintendo 64 as a kid I rented this great game called Pilot Wings from Blockbuster. Ultrawings is that game but in VR! It is a casual flying game where you start off with slower more easy going gyrocopters and gliders and move your way up to more powerful planes. Fly through rings, beat the clock, and earn money to get better and better planes. I love just flying around casually and this game was quite entertaining. I did get a bit of motion sickness on this one since Oculus Go is only 3dof but if you aren’t prone to that – you’ll love this game.


Darknet is an incredibly fun and addicting hacker strategy puzzle game. No, it isn’t anything like real hacking but it is very entertaining. You use a series of attack vectors to break into systems and eventually take over their data. If you get this game you will be pleasantly surprised with how much fun you’ll have. A must-buy game if you love puzzles and strategy.

Smash Hit

Smash hit is a peaceful, casual, musically driven, smashing game. You fly through various surreal worlds listening to beautiful harmonies as you smash your way through it. I really enjoy picking this game up for small periods of time to bust my way through a few levels and just relax. It was one of the first games I bought in the Oculus store and find it to be a near perfect game for the Oculus Go.


Drop Dead

Drop Dead is not your typical zombie shooter. Featuring some pretty funny storylines and nice looking scenes, you will battle some grotesque zombies using a wide arsenal of weapons. You can use the environment to blow up the zombies or fire away and take off limbs and pop some zombie heads with green oozing splatter. Zombies will advance on you while you do your best to stay alive and not become one of them. One of the reasons I like this game more than other zombie games is the cartoonish feel and arcade style gameplay. Definitely, a game that will keep you entertained for quite some time.


WANDS is an incredibly fun cross-platform multiplayer game where you battle as a Wizard in virtual reality. You use a series of spells and a fairly high-tech looking wand to blast away enemies and try to keep yourself alive. If you are a fan of Harry Potter or just want to be a Wizard yourself, this game is pure magic. There aren’t many great multiplayer games for Oculus Go, but this one is fantastic.


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What are some of your favorite Oculus Go games? Post in the comments below! 

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