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Articles - August 4, 2018

VR Space Survival Game Detached launches for Playstation VR

Virtual Reality Space Survival Game Detached Arrives for Playstation VR

Players that enjoy space exploration and zero-gravity simulations may have another reason to love virtual reality with the most recent batch of releases for PlayStation VR.

Anshar Studios’ critically acclaimed space exploration and survival virtual reality game Detached has finally made its way to the home consoles with a debut on PlayStation VR that is not only garnering the title praise from gamers and press alike but also demonstrating the potential for VR to offer epic, film-like experiences as the niche matures.

Charged with exploring an abandoned space station to find your crew, Detached is a race against the clock as the depleting oxygen levels in your environment threaten your survival. Exploration is absolutely necessary for survival and, in a nod to titles like Resident Evil, Detached also has puzzle solving elements as part of its core gameplay.

Anshar Studios prides itself on Detached’s “hardcore” experience and touts it as a game for veterans of VR only according to Eurogamer.

This is probably because, unlike traditional games, Detached is able to deploy a unique control scheme that takes full advantage of the zero-gravity, 360-degree movement that is part of the narrative.

Gamers who remember the old Microsoft PC title Descent will be familiar with what Detached has to offer but, that said, gamers who tend towards motion sickness might find Detached a somewhat extreme VR experience if early reviews are anything to be trusted. On the graphical side of things, the game leaves no stone unturned in its depiction of a bleak and desolate deep space station on the verge of collapse.

In fact, the graphics are often so detailed and immersive that gamers should have no problem buying into the whole concept, the difficult control scheme aside.

Detached VR Game

While Detached emphasizes exploration and, to some extent, puzzle solving, gamers shouldn’t expect a plot-driven epic or a very interactive VR world through the potential for that is certainly here.

Everything is quite functionary in its purpose and there is depth lacking in the player’s ability to interact with the world around them. This lack of narrative and linearity of action can make Detached feel plodding and slow which may turn off gamers that prefer fast-paced, action-packed experiences. The huge amounts of potential on display here, however, merit a look.

Uniquely, Detached has a robust player versus player mode with two game types on offer: Package Extraction and Race.

In Package Extraction, two players race to “capture the flag” and return it to home base in Detached’s take on the classic game. Race, as the name implies, involves racing through checkpoints and collecting points as you go along with the player that has the most points at the end winning.

The PvP modes are a welcome break from the single-player mode and help extend the Detached experience, adding to bottom-line replay value.

Overall reception for the game is positive with a lot of focus being paid to the game’s stellar graphics and compelling execution. Fans of VR games and survival exploration titles, in general, will probably find a lot to enjoy.

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