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Articles - August 13, 2018

Echoes VR the Underwater Survival Game launching 2019

Stealth, Survival, and Deep Water

The magic of virtual reality lies in its ability to bring players that much closer to the real thing. But, in the case of Echoes VR, that real thing could be drowning in the deep dark abyss and, if that’s the experience you want, then look no further.

Tapping into what is perhaps one of the most primal fears known to man, Echoes VR’s unique blend of survival horror and stealth gaming in an underwater environment is not only creative it is downright bone-chillingly scary.



And now Rogue Titan Games has outlined a tentative release date for their hugely anticipated title.

Coming to PlayStation VR in 2019, Echoes VR looks set to bring a whole new level of horror and simulation to the world of VR.

Promising to simulate the expansive abyss in the best detail possible, Echoes VR also plays on a level of fright that isn’t based in zombies or ghosts but rather in instinct and fight or flight. Indeed, struggle and the will to push forward will be a big part of the gameplay in Echoes VR and the devs promise a tough but rewarding road to success.

One of the things that are most immediately noticeable about Echoes VR is its unique use of graphics to depict its world.

Since much of the deep sea and enclosed water spaces tend to be very dark the art team has chosen to go in an almost eerily minimalistic direction with the surrounding environments.

Like many VR titles, the developers want to emphasize the simulation aspect and the player’s interaction with the world.

The launch of Echoes VR is much anticipated by the virtual reality community as it represents a unique blend of adventure game, puzzler, and survival horror title.

When it arrives for PS4 in 2019 you can be assured it will make a splash.

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