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Competitive - WOW - September 29, 2021

Are motion-model shooters really not great for VR? Or is there an argument to be designed now?

I typically imagine of how cool it would be to have a game like Titanfall in VR, but each and every time I counsel something like it or anything very similar, men and women constantly say how “oh that would make folks much too unwell” or “the motion would not do the job in VR”. I get that teleport-model movement is incredibly common and a thing that most persons new to VR use or need, but to say that quicker movement would not work in VR is seriously stunting VR advancement I believe.

There are the equivalent of CS-GO fashion surf_ maps in VRchat:

There are the equal of Titanfall design and style wall jogging mechanics in specific VRchat worlds

Game titles like Possibility of Rain 2, that you can mod and perform in VR, you can engage in a character like Loader, with a grapple hook and people today will often ask “oh wow you should not you truly feel unwell carrying out that”? Truthfully I’ve never felt sick the moment participating in loader and flinging around… Maybe it is really simply because my headset isn’t choppy, or it’s possible that I am made use of to it?

But relating to not as high priced headsets, online games like Echo arena/Echo beat at better level you want to unlock your Z axis to be able to change upside down and outplay your opponent and I don’t seriously listen to incredibly many issues there both…

Am I just so acclimatized to VR that I am past the movement ill stage? I truly feel like most men and women will go this stage right after about 1-3 weeks… and I know practically no a single that encounters sickness just after a month or two… I keep in mind Valve stating that the purpose they did not make Portal in VR was owing to the sickness stage of it or how challenging it would be to do at initial… Are we in fact approaching a phase now the place the general consensus is having far better? Or is VR even now way too tiny to choose a leap like this? Especially if the recreation was competitive, I feel like persons would grind past the sickness stage fairly speedy..

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