Apple Files Patent for AR and VR Headset

Could Apple be coming out with its own virtual reality or augmented reality headset? A new patent filing from the company seems to indicate just that and the implications could be huge for the segment.

For AR, this isn’t Apple’s first foray into that segment as the technology is being employed by some of its phones in a limited way and being explored more broadly as a technology otherwise.

But VR is something new for Apple and the hope of many that the Cupertino firm will make its own headset is what is driving a lot of the speculation around these new patent filings. The documents detail a headset that has sensors that are capable of monitoring the external environment around the user as well as sensors that track eye movement. These two systems will work together to create a 3D image of the world around the user according to the The Verge. The patent also describes how this headset could be paired with other sensors such as a jaw tracker or eyebrow tracking sensor.

As The Verge reports, this confirms earlier rumors that Apple was developing a device that combines AR and VR in novel ways that are different from the competition. It’s unknown whether an actual headset will be coming to market anytime soon but the aspirations are interesting nonetheless. And let’s not pretend like Apple doesn’t have competition such as Facebook’s Oculus among others.

They won’t be sitting back waiting for the future to happen and, in many ways, have a bit of a head start on the company. Nonetheless, it’s cool to imagine a future with Apple in the VR/AR game. What do you think?

Would Apple make a good addition to the VR headset makers out there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.👇

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