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Articles - June 21, 2019

5 Action VR Games to Play

First-person shooters seem like the most natural genre ever for virtual reality gaming, but that doesn’t mean that it always works out.

When we sat down to come up with a list of top 5 FPS games for VR available right now, we decided to balance familiarity with the experimental side of VR. That’s why you’ll see some familiar IP on this list like DOOM as well as some purely VR action like Superhot.

Basically this list represents a good overview of the types of action games that are available to VR players – and it is definitely something for everyone.

Here are 5 Action games you should check out:


This is almost a no-brainer choice for this list but, in case you didn’t know already, the modern incarnation of DOOM has made its way to VR and it is bonkers good. You don’t sacrifice any of the action, gore, or immersion and the controls work just right. Basically, it is the complete package when it comes to VR titles with an FPS bend. Plus, it is the classic violent FPS and comes from id Software who rarely if ever disappoints.

Elite Dangerous

Another space exploration game but with more of a focus on combat, Elite Dangerous is perfectly suited for VR and will become the game you use to show off your headset to non-virtual reality gamers. Dark, foreboding atmospheres and mysterious alien vistas combine with a graphics engine that is second to none and gameplay that is so honed and focused that you will wonder where this game has been all your life.

Echo Combat

The combat version of Lone Echo, Echo Combat kind of came out of nowhere to challenge VR stalwarts as the must-play FPS title for virtual reality. It’s an arena shooter with space elements so you know what to expect from there. Not as intense as Superhot, Echo Combat has a dedicated and massive community of gamers which makes sure it is always on top of the charts.

Arizona Sunshine

A first-person zombie survival FPS game. What more could you want out of a VR title? It’s basically like a reenactment of The Walking Dead through your headset. If that sounds like something you’d be into, then Arizona Sunshine needs your attention now. For the rest of us? Well, there’s no doubt that the game is intense and it is unique among most of the offerings out there for VR. We say give it a shot but if you’re not sold on zombie horror it might not be a homerun with you.


Coming in at number 1 is a game that is probably not a surprise to anyone that has played VR games before. Superhot is basically the standard when it comes to FPS and arena titles on virtual reality. Using abstract graphics and lightning-fast gameplay, Superhot pushes you an your headset to the limit and demonstrates that VR games will be as intense or even more so than the best consoles and PCs have to offer.

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