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Articles - January 12, 2019

2019 Virtuix VR eSports Tournament Sponsored by HTC Vive and HP

Virtual reality and the future of entertainment are two topics that often find themselves paired up in speculative articles about how we will consume media.

We even have nascent efforts to combine virtual reality headsets and live sports viewing for a unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

As one of the fastest growing segments of global entertainment, it is not surprising that eSports has a VR contingent. Uniquely positioned between two very lucrative pillars of modern entertainment – sports and video games – eSports and its stars make a ton of money.

Though VR is still quite young as a niche, it is also dipping its toes into the eSports pool and seeing if it can’t show off virtual reality’s unique abilities in the process.

And with a $USD 50,000 pot at the Virtuix tournament, we’re sure VR eSports will get more attention this year than ever before.

This year’s tournament will be sponsored by none other than VR headset make HTC Vive and electronics giant HP.

HTC Vive is one of the biggest names in VR gaming while HP has a line of gaming PCs and computers that are the mainstay of many consumers. HP also has a long history of sponsoring video game events and eSports tournaments which makes the 2019 Virtuix tournament a natural fit for the company.

Leaders in VR arcades will split the $50k pot announced by the sponsors in what is one of the largest prize pools ever featured in a VR eSports tournament.

The tournament features Virtuix’ Omni VR treadmill at the front and center of many of the competition events. The treadmill allows gamers to simulate moving around in an environment and was once marketed as a product for the home but is now used as an event showpiece according to UploadVR.

The format will be two teams competing over four days with the games on offer including VRZ:Torment and Virtuix’s own Omni Arena game. The top 10 teams each month will win prize money as well as the potential for a new HTC headset.

For its part, Omni Arena will also hold contests in the game with HTC planning on inviting the best teams at the end of the year to compete in an Omni World Championship.

The schedule for the events per Upload VR is as follows:

  • January 24-27: Omni Arena – “Coliseum” level
  • February 21-24: VRZ: Torment
  • March 21-24: Omni Arena – “Metropolis” level

You can click on the link here to sign up on the company’s website ( http://www.omniverse.global/playerhub/home ).

You can also view a video on YouTube showing off the Virtuix gaming centers:

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