“PSVR 2 Upgrades – Now Every Game’s a Winner!”

The release of PSVR 2 is just around the corner and many gamers with original PSVR headsets have been wondering if they will have access to games on the new headset. The good news is that some developers are now offering free PSVR 2 support so you won't be left without any options when it launches in February 2023. For

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Guildford Castle VR

Guildford Castle is a free-to-play VR game that features a nonlinear narrative and light interactivity. Players are free to explore the game's world at their own pace, and can interact with elements of the environment to uncover more of the game's story.

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iB Cricket

iB Cricket (vSport) is a virtual reality game that immerses players in world-class stadiums with thousands of cheering fans. The game's realistic physics make it easy to learn, and players can compete in global tournaments to become vSport stars.

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Syon Bolt for Oculus Rift

Syon Bolt, a fast VR Shooter for the Oculus Rift. Packed with a full 10 Mission Campaign + Survival maps with over 70 different combat zones. If you want to die you just need to stay still.

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Swords of Gurrah

In Swords of Gurrah, players can battle it out with up to 12 other players in real time. The game features a variety of different weapons to choose from, as

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